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Here’s a Game About Hermit Crabs

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So I’ve spent the past couple months learning how to use the Unity Game Engine. I’ve used Game Maker Studio for every game previously featured on this site, and I plan to continue using Game Maker, but Unity had intrigued me, namely because it can export to a wide range of platforms–everything from Android to Linux–without requiring the purchase of an additional export package. My introduction to the Unity engine was through Mike Geig’s excellent Unity Game Development in 24 Hours (I’d recommend the book to anyone interested in learning Unity).

Once I got through the book, I decided to make a quick game just to try out all the different capabilities of the Unity engine. I ended up with a game about hermit crabs.


Basically, I made a shameless Towerfall ripoff, but without all the distinguished characters, interesting mechanics, stylized graphics, and just about everything else.

But my game is free!

"Finally, a way for me to enjoy hermit crabs without having to worry about the additional related financial concerns!" Or something.

“Finally, a way for me to enjoy hermit crabs without having to worry about the additional hermit crab-related financial concerns!” Or something.

The game allows two to four players to compete against one another in a crab-on-crab fight to the death. Jumping on another crab will cause them to lose a life. Lose all your lives, and you are out of the Crab Battle Royale (Crabble Royale?). The ultimate victor is the last crab standing. Crabs can also climb up and down walls, adding an element of verticality, which is a word I just made up that doesn’t mean anything. Do you have what it takes to be the Supreme Hermit Crab? If you want to find out, gather a few friends and click the link at the end of this post. The game can be played with controllers and up to two players can play on the keyboard. Detailed instructions and controls can be found on the game page.

This game was made in a span of about a week. It’s kind of messy, and somewhat aesthetically-impaired. I don’t plan on putting much more energy into this game–it is a shameless ripoff of a far better game, which you should play instead; why not buy it here?–, but I may come back to it a clean it up and add some improvements somewhere down the line. In any case, if crab-centric combat is something that excites you, get some friends and have a go at Hermit Crabs are Pretty Cool.


Click here to play it online!


Some Notes:

  • Geig’s Unity guidebook mentioned above is a great introduction to Unity, but it does only cover the 3D engine. It does not teach you how to create games in Unity2D. The guide is great, but don’t expect specific lessons on how to create 2D games.
  • “Shameless Ripoff” is used as hyperbole in this post. Nothing was wrongfully appropriated from any other game. I’m not skilled enough to accomplish a shameless ripoff of a well-built game.

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