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More Details on Slug Boy & Orcus: It’s Almost There…

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So remember when I said Slug Boy & Orcus: Roommates in Conflict was coming out in August? Yeah, that happened!. Turns out, as I’ve learned several times already, the final steps to get a game polished and release-ready seem to always take much more time than you think. Additionally, classes have started again, and it’s been busy. On the plus side, the game’s almost done, and I’ve got some details. It looks like I’ll be able to distribute the game on, which looks to be a great place for beginning and hobbyist game developers to get their games out. There will be a downloadable version of the game for Windows and Mac for a nominal fee. If you don’t feel like spending anything, that’s fine, because I’ll also include an HTML5 version that you can play online for free! I’m in no way planning on this game being some ‘get rich quick scheme.’ I’ve already spent too much time on this game for the ‘quick’ part to work anyway, but I’ve still got plenty more to learn and plenty of ways I can improve at what I’m doing. So I think an easy free option is appropriate here. In any case, it should be out soon (which is a nice vague term). Check back for any updates.

There's that sweet-ass slug again.

There’s that sweet-ass slug again.


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