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Update: A New Direction (For Now)

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It’s been about a year since I’ve updated this site. Naturally, I would be surprised if there was anyone still currently following me. It’s been a busy year. I graduated law school, I took and passed the bar, and I’ve begun working. While I don’t think I’m done with game development in any sense, I’ve kind of stalled while I’ve been keeping up with everything else.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been creating anything. In fact, I’ve been writing. I had found that one of the issues I had been running into while working on games was that the ideas and stories I had were generally much more complex than I what I was capable of implementing on my own. Rather than abandon these ideas until I was more proficient at coding and design, I decided to consolidate some of these ideas and take them in a different direction.

One of my ideas was a story-heavy, Earthbound-style RPG. Considering one of my most recent games was “Fart Butt to the Future,” I figured actually creating this game may have been a little above my ability level.

Instead, I’ve been turned this idea into a written story I’ve been writing and publishing as an ebook on It’s called Endocrine Kingdom. It’s a stupid name and a stupid story, but it’s also mine. It’s about a bland and boring law student (*ahem* where did that idea come from?) who is told by a Possum Lady that he is destined to save the world. It goes in some strange directions after that.

I’ve got about 14 chapters currently posted on Wattpad (though I’ve written more beyond that). I also figured there’s no reason I can’t post them (and future chapters) here on WordPress as well. If this seems like something you’d be interested in, feel free to stick around. I still plan to get back into game development, but I hope this is something you enjoy as well.


Endocrine cover small

This is the cover. Touchdown Rodent was the dumb name I came up with on Wattpad. Between this and DeepSeaElkFish, I’m great at coming up with dumb online names.


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