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28. Refinery

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They were in the middle of an oil refinery. Olivia had found a lookout post on top of a large oil tank across the street from the theater. Davy thought it was weird for an oil refinery to be right on the beach. But aside from the theater and the adjacent steel plant, Davy could see more and more refineries all down the coast. Myriad flaring towers stuck out into the sky all around him. The imposing flames at the top of each of these towers created the impression that Davy had infiltrated some massive fortress.

Olivia was crouched down on the gas tank, examining the theater. She began to understand why Davy’s friend would be held in here. There were few doors and no windows in sight that she could make a flashy entrance through, striking fear into the hearts of her enemies and so on and so on.

But what stood out to her more was the steel plant behind the theater. There was an immense mechanical device apparently breaking through the roof. It looked like an antenna, but larger and more foreboding. She had no idea what it was supposed to be, but her priority was currently on the theater and Davy’s friend.

Still, a question lingered in the back of Olivia’s mind. “So after we save your friend,” she began. “What are you going to do? Are you both going to head out and get back to your epic quest and stuff?”

Davy wasn’t sure how to answer. He hadn’t thought that far ahead. He was usually more concerned with surviving the present to think about the future. “I guess so,” he answered. “We gotta find an artifact in the city first. But after that, we’ll probably have to go to where the next artifact is.”

“Ah, okay,” Olivia replied with a glum look that Davy picked up on. Davy felt bad seeing this. Olivia had been extremely helpful through all of this. It would be much more difficult to finish this quest without her. Davy then suddenly remembered something Lady Gut Possum told him.

“I told you that it was a Possum Lady who sent me on my quest right?” Davy began. “So she said that there would be three people who would join my quest and help me. My friend Steve is one of them. Or at least I think he is. You might be the second, if you want to come with us.”

Steve thought he saw Olivia’s face light up at the proposition, but before she could say anything, they both heard a loud crash. Davy looked back at the theater and saw a large man in overalls and two smaller people had crashed through the exterior wall of the second or third floor of the theater and were now flayed in a motionless pile on the ground below.

“Well, that’s convenient,” Olivia chirped. “Looks like we found ourselves an opening, buddy.”

She looked to Davy with her manic grin. “Ready for another slingshot adventure?” she asked.

“Sure,” Davy replied. “Let’s do it.”

Olivia shot out her left arm which latched around a pipe next to the oil tank. She did the same thing with her right arm, grabbing onto a pole on the other side of the tank. Davy grabbed her waist and pulled her back. Once Davy couldn’t pull her back any further, a thought occurred to him.

“Hey Olivia,” he began. “So I’m gonna slingshot you, which will get you in the theater, but what do you want me to do?”

“Olivia rotated her head to look at Davy. “Oh, don’t worry,” she answered. “You’re coming with me.”

Monstrous claws came out of Olivia’s back and ensnared Davy. The next thing he knew, he was speeding through the air towards a hole in the wall.


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