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Fart Butt to the Future!

Fart Butt to the Future!

This is my most recent game, and it is about farts. There are a lot of farts. If Thermonucleosis is meant to be widely appealing, then this game is probably the opposite. I wanted to make a game with a sort of statement behind it, and it seemed an appropriate subject is how we now live in an age where video games can be just as artistic and emotionally investing as other forms of media, but to the average person, they’re still seen as something only that kids do when they should be paying outside instead. So if video games are just for little kids, why not just embrace that and continue acting like little kids by laughing at farts? Or at least that’s what I’ll say when someone asks me why I made a game where you jump around in a bean restaurant, avoiding farts and toilets. Try to survive for more than a minute to unlock the more respectable SUPER SERIOUS ARTISTIC MODE.

Fart Butt to the Future on Chrome Web Store

Fart Butt My Games


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