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Hermit Crabs are Pretty Cool

A simple versus game featuring hermit crabs. Up to four players can play at once. The objective is to jump on the other hermit crabs and depelete their lives. When a player loses all their lives, they are removed from the game. The winner is the last crab standing. The game was made in the span of roughly a week as a way to acclimate myself to some of the different capabilities of the Unity2D game engine.

Screenshot 2014-08-21 15.43.13

How to Play

The game begins by asking for the number of lives with which all players will start the game. Once the game screen appears, the game will ask for players to join. Anyone can join by pressing the select button (Player 1 will be whomever joins first; Player 2 is the second to join; etc.). Once at least two players have joined, the game begins when a player who has already joined presses the select button a second time. When the game ends, pressing the select button will return you to the title screen, where players can change the starting lives and play the game again.

Crabs can move horizontally and jump. If a crab moves horizontally into a wall, they will latch onto it. This allows them to climb up and down the wall. Jumping will remove the crab from the wall, allowing them to fall back to the ground.

The game can be played with controllers. Alternatively, up to two people can play on a single keyboard. Controls are as follows:

Keyboard 1

  • Move Left: A
  • Move Right: D
  • Climb Up: W
  • Climb Down: S
  • Jump/Select: Left Shift

Keyboard 2

  • Move Left: Left Arrow
  • Move Right: Right Arrow
  • Climb Up: Up Arrow
  • Climb Down: Down Arrow
  • Jump/Select: Space


  • Move: Left and Right D-Pad
  • Climb: Up and Down D-Pad
  • Jump/Select: A Button

Screenshot 2014-08-21 15.43.59


  • At this time, the game does not support analogue stick movement from controllers.
  • All controllers should be powered on and connected to the PC before starting the game.

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