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Slug Boy & Orcus: Roommates in Conflict

Slug Boy & Orcus Title

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Slug Boy & Orcus: Roommates in Conflict is a platformer/runner where you guide the titular Slug Boy through a randomly generated world. Slug Boy is roommates with ancient Underworld diety Orcus, who is unhappy with the way Slug Boy keeps getting into his stuff. Naturally, Orcus sends his roommate to the Underworld, hoping that the trials in the Imposing Plane of Perpetual Movement will instill Slug Boy with a more respectful attitude.



The terrain is randomly generated and materializes on screen as Slug Boy moves through the Underworld. Obstacles, enemies, and other dangers will also randomly appear depending on Slug Boy’s progress. Every playthrough will provide a slightly different experience.

Multiple Modes

Play through the game’s story mode, where Slug Boy must make it to the goal at the end of every level. Since Orcus is banking on this being a learning experience, each level in the Underworld will introduce a new combination of dangers. All the while, Orcus will be there, rooting for you, just like in the actual mythology (probably). Alternatively, you could try Endless Mode, where the goal is to get as far as you can. Different obstacles begin to appear the further you get, and the game keeps track of your best runs. Keep coming back and try to get farther than you have before.

Controller Support

Slug Boy & Orcus is compatible with the XBox 360 controller and should be compatible with other controllers.


Slug Boy and Orcus: Roommates in Conflict is still in development. No concrete release date is set, but it should be out sometime summer 2014. It is currently slated for a PC release, though other platforms are under consideration.


Screenshot 2014-07-09 15.50.21

Screenshot 2014-07-08 18.06.22

Screenshot 2014-07-08 18.07.40

Screenshot 2014-07-08 18.05.14


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